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So You Want to Be a Superhero in the Bedroom…

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And I assume we’re not talking about simply upgrading those Superman sheets you’ve had since grade school. Well, if it’s erotic super powers you’re looking for, Superhero Supply has a new online shop that provides the perfect place to start:

The Superhero Supplies shop has long been a beloved Brooklyn destination, but for those of us who can’t travel to NYC every time we want to evoke Catwoman between the sheets (yes, I am speaking from personal experience, though I aim more for a Michelle Pfeiffer than a Halle Berry), just such supplies are in painfully short supply. But now, the BSS has an extensive online shop for your instant superhero gear satisfaction.

Only a few clicks away are your cape,


[$35, Superhero Supplies]



[$20, Superhero Supplies]

and even secret identity kit,


[$8, Superhero Supplies]

along with just about anything else you might need to fight crime horizontal-style. And you can feel extra good about it, since BSS supports an excellent cause.

Of course, if you’re really serious about those super powers, you could always go in this direction:


[$33, Sex Toys Australia]

Though sometimes even superheroics can be too much of a good thing.

[via Cool Material]