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Sounding Off on Notebooks

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When you’re trying to impress the artistic and literary types, I’m beginning to think that moleskin notebooks don’t cut it anymore–every Dick, Tom, and Sally owns one now! Differentiate yourself from the crowd with these notebooks.

If you can make bowls with records, why not other things? Old album sleeves and records have been repurposed for the sake of making unique notebook covers. Each notebook is totally unique. Next time you’re jotting down ideas for your next short story or lyrics to a new song, pique everyone’s attention with these notebooks. Who knows, that person you’re trying to subtly impress might love the record used for these notebooks (or you can know to avoid this person if it’s a bad record and they love it un-ironically).

[$30 for the LP Record Notebook, Dijital Fix and $14 for the LP Jacket Journal, Dijital Fix]

[via Por Homme]