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Spencer and His Presidential Look

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Do you have a style icon?
Obama. He always looks good in his suits.

Are you channeling him by wearing a collared shirt to a casual party?
T-shirts are out of style. When you are in a setting where you have to think about what you’re wearing, you should have something nice on.

What’s the biggest style turn-on for you?
I like people who display the fact that they know the way their body is shaped.

Do you think you follow that rule?
Yes. It’s an aesthetic criterion for myself and for other people. I don’t wear big or baggy things like I used to. I have a tall, thin frame. Most clothing for tall men is also wide. It’s annoying. I have to search to find fitted clothing.

How about something you’re turned off by?
Leather or latex cat suits on women.

You can’t have actually seen one of those in person.
Serena Williams wears these outfits that look like cat suits. They’re skin-tight with a feline cut to them.

What’s something you’ve seen in a girl’s apartment that made you spend the night?
Not something I’ve seen, but I like it when a girl puts on music that’s better than I expected her to have. One time a girl played old Modest Mouse, like ’90s Modest Mouse. I was expecting her to play Nickelback.

How about something that made you bolt?
One girl I went home with had a troll collection on her dresser. The trolls had either pink or black hair. I said, "I have an appointment. I have to go."

What’s something that you really dug on someone you dated?
One girl wore a halter top. It’s like, you spend three out of four seasons looking at people wearing sleeves. Once they lose the sleeves, it’s gives some variety.

How about something you hated?
A jeans jacket that was blue and white with worn patches.

What’s a style trend you’re currently embracing?
For a while, I thought big sunglasses were a terrible idea, but I’ve come to think that for some people it really works. It can augment a person’s personality.