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Spice Things Up

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I am a girl who loves my hot sauce. Accordingly, I like to surround myself with folks who love hot sauce (nearly) as much as me. More often than not, this leads to groups of us going out to hot sauce-laden spots with hot sauce-friendly foods (take, for example, Aunt Mary’s in Oakland — a Southern-inspired little restaurant with killer hush puppies and biscuits). We’ve even been known to bring along a few bottles of our poison of choice, just in case.

One one such recent outing, we planned the ultimate Southern hot sauce test on fried mac-n-cheese balls. As one member of our fearless heat team put it, "Only the weak eat fried cheese plain." We had an arsenal of sauces ready, including Brother Bru Bru’s, Louisiana Hot, and Dave’s Insanity Sauce.

The clear winner was Dave’s (though Bru Bru’s came in a close second), but the real spoils were the in game itself. After all, there really isn’t anything that’ll put you in the mood faster than fried cheese with a little liquid spice.