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Stacy, Nicholle, and Their Gorgeous Heels

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The first thing I noticed about Stacy (left) and Nicholle was their nearly identical outfits.  Both are sporting peep-toe heels, skinny jeans, leather bomber jackets, and pixie-short hairstyles. The second thing I noticed is how well it’s working for these two lovely ladies – especially the heels!

The duo caught my eye last night at the Latin American Club in San Francisco, where they were enjoying a night out on the town. Both women are colorists at a high-end hair salon, which might be why they look so sharp – they’re expected to dress their best at work. Stacy pointed out that that means almost always wearing heels at the salon, which she loves, since heels give her 5’0’’ frame a little boost, and can pull any outfit together.

Nicholle added that her job has helped get her laid a few times. “[Guys] think it’s cool, it’s accessible, everyone knows what it is.” Plus, she really enjoys it, which is even more important.

When this sexy pair was asked what makes them so attractive, they modestly answered, “personality.” While I agree – they were outgoing and fun – I also think their gorgeous heels have something to do with it. 

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