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Steffi and Her Couture Collage

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One of the greatest things about living in the Bay Area is the proliferation of free art openings — we’re talking free and booze-fueled and munchie-laden and completely un-snotty. It’s an art-appreciating freeloader’s dream come true. Best of all, the unpretentiousness definitely doesn’t affect the level of fashion that comes through the door. I ran into Steffi at a recent opening in the Mission, and her striking ensemble (paired with the requisite free glass of wine) was an absolute case in point.

Steffi described her style sense as a tendency towards "thinking of fashion like a collage," and the pieces that made up her outfit followed suit. Head to toe, she encompassed Chicago to San Francisco, with a shirt from Penelope’s, a cardigan from H&M, a skirt from Pretty Penny, a scarf from Una Mae’s Freak Boutique, and cowboy boots from Shoe Biz.

She explained that she’s often "drawn to unexpected pairings: new and old pieces, a couple of different prints" with "sort of a classic meets retro approach." As far as eclectic urban fashion goes, Steffi is truly a shining example of good taste.