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Sunni on Kate Bush, guyliner, and making out with bikers

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Sunni on Nerve's style blog

What's your name and what do you do?
My name is Sunni and I am the bassist/singer/songwriter for Knaves Grave.  

What are you wearing?
Gray and white striped bodysuit, black leggings, red suede skirt, vintage Oxford ankle boots, all on the cheap, full outfit under fifteen dollars.  

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential? 
I live for comfort so legging and t-shirts and jeans are my jam. But, I like to don elements of fantasy whenever possible. I definitely have the starving-artist thing going on, so every magical thrift store dress that fits just right is a treasure. One I love in particular is a ‘90s jungle-print summer dress (open back except two ties and big knot buttons on the back of the skirt). It fits me perfect and makes me feel like a Pebbles West Coast stoner princess.  

If you're sizing up a guy, what are some outfit details that you really like? 
I like fashion that gives off a persona. I’m particularly partial to that "Bookhouse Boys" biker Americana look. Any real rock 'n roll girl has a slight weakness for diamond-in- the-rough bad boys, and wouldn’t deny a Shangri-La’s “Leader of the Pack” make-out moment. But my true weakness is for smart, goofy and witty boys. Ideally, he'd combine the two: horn-rimmed glasses with tight black Levi’s, saddle shoes, and a Damned t-shirt carrying around a copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos? If I ever saw him on the street I’d cream in my jeans.  

What are some things that are absolute dealbreakers?
The basic bad news: guyliner (unless he’s Phil Oakey in 1982), super baggy pants (definition of actual legs within pants is a good thing!), T-shirts that say dumb shit.  

Why do you think men are attracted to you?
I am admittedly a bit on the quirky side, which is somewhat an acquired taste. Some people appreciate this but many men think I’d be more attractive if there wasn’t that tinge of tomboy and theatrics to my attire. I hope that people are attracted to me more for my spirit than anything else.  

If you were to go home with a guy, what's something that, if you saw it in his apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
Brown recluse infestation and a sink full of dirty dishes.  

Does the style of music that you play affect your fashion?
Our personas are represented by our uniform and what we love and what we are all about. But, I’m always engrossed in a few few films and records that inspire me, and their aesthetics have stuck with me, too. Kate Bush was always more convincing than an American Apparel ad to ever wear a leotard, you know?