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Sushi and Seduction

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The other night a bunch of us went to Coach Sushi — one of my favorite Oakland spots that features not just tasty sushi, but bottomless sake for three bucks. It’s a recipe for a seriously fun night, and a must-visit if you live anywhere nearby. And while my memory of the evening gets a little fuzzy in the later hours, I do remember that after our cedar sake boxes had been refilled at least a few times, we got to talking about sushi etiquette and whether or not sushi makes a good first date.

Ultimately, the consensus was that sushi is a perfect first date: after all, you learn a lot about a person when you see how they handle chopsticks, order raw fish, try (or don’t try) bizarre dishes, and hold their sake. But sushi is also full of challenges: what to pick up with your fingers, what not to eat, how to maneuver chopsticks when you’ve had one too many sakes, ets. So I was pretty charmed when I came across this sushi do’s and do not’s from Jeni Rodger:

The lesson of a ridiculously fun night: best hone your sushi etiquette at home before you tackle that hot sushi date.

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[Jeni Rodger]

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