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Swap ‘Til You’re Hot

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Want to know how the ladies you love keep looking hot? While I’d like to say that we have boundless budgets and loads of time to shop on our hands…  well, that’s just not true for most of us. But if the idea of a bunch of girls getting together to get undressed (and yes, get even hotter) perks your interest, then allow me to let you in on the secret of the clothing swap.

Once every couple of months, a group of us get together for what’s often referred to as "thrift store sexy." We scour our closets, tote along bags of clothes we don’t want anymore, scatter them around someone’s apartment, and go free-shopping crazy. Entry comes with good fashion pickings and a bottle of booze, so by the end of the night the whole affair has pretty much turned into a sloppy fashion show. And sure the hangover sucks, but what could be better than heading home from a night out with a bag of hot new duds?