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Take a Tip From: Booth Babes

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With CES taking over Vegas this past weekend, everybody’s got fancy tech on the brain. To add a little perspective to the whole thing, Gizmodo recently ran an interesting blurb on booth babes — those hard-working, ever-smiling, make-you-wanna-buy-what-you-can’t afford ladies who woman the booths at just such male-dominated expos. It’s an interesting little piece accompanied with lots of booth babe photos that got me thinking about tools of attraction in general.

In the midst of all the fancy, pricey, and trendy ways out there to make yourself more attractive, there’s still the basics of the thing: 1) present yourself well (ie look hot), and 2) impress the pants off the object of your desire (ie have good manners). If you need some polishing in the manners departments, there’s no better place to start than Essential Manners for Men:

It’s a witty, well-written breakdown of the basic manners you’ll need to impress (and yes, perhaps even seduce) the girl of your dreams. Whether you’re on the hunt for a booth babe or the girl next door, trust me — she will notice if those manners are in tip-top form.

[$12, Powell’s]

[via Gizmodo]