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Take a Tip From Brangelina’s Breakup: Leather Is Hot

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If you’ve turned on your computer today, chances are you’ve heard more than you care to about the Brangelina breakup. And while I sort of hate the rumor frenzy (breakups are bad enough when you’re not famous), the whole thing did prompt me to consider the looks that made us obsessed with Brad and Angie — in other words, the aesthetics of a union that is/was completely irresistible. In the wake of a near-unbelievable division, here are my all-time favorite Brad and Angie looks:

Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that Angelina Jolie in riding gear is hands-down hot.

The good news? It’s a look that’s pretty easy to recreate:

[$198, Bloomingdale’s]

Brad-wise, I still pine after the Tyler Durden look. Granted it’s pre-Angelina, but I think it laid the foundation of our collective obsession with all things Pitt.

Spike up the hair, throw on a vintage leather jacket, and you’ve got Sexy with a capital S:

[$52, Etsy]

Is it coincidence that I love them both in leather? Well, if there’s any lesson here, it’s that nothing lasts forever… even if it looks hot in leather.