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Take a Tip From: Courtney Love

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It’s hard to walk the fine line between trashy and sexy without falling too much to one side, usually the trashy side.

One person who did this well was Courtney Love (well, at least in her early Hole days). And with 90s style coming back (flannel, cut-off shorts, Ray Bans), you too can turn heads with Courtney Love’s dress (drug habit not included).


This dress is reminiscent of the kinderwhore style of the 90s, which touted a tattered, frilly thrift store finds ripped up in just the right places.


It’s pretty cool and grungey from a distance, but upon closer inspection you’ll find Courtney Love’s mug all over it:


Though that’s kind of lame and egotistical, this could be the dress to get all those hipsters off the couch and strutting your way.

Here’s a video of the editor of Nylon Magazine gushing over the dress:

No info yet on the price and where you can buy it.

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[via NYLON]