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Take a Tip From: Jake Gyllenhaal

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Not only is he a good young actor, but ladies find him very, very attractive. And he rocks the scruff with such grace, embracing both his manlier traits and his boyish ones.

And no one can deny the sexiness and ease of that scruffy middle ground. It hints at beard-growing abilities for the fans of hairy-faced men and also shows that you’re not too far gone from clean shaven for the lovers of smooth faces.

Maintain your scruff with this:


The Philips Norelco T780 Rechargeable Vacuum Trimmer is a beard trimmer with a built in vacuum. So not only will you have kempt scruff, you’ll also keep your shavings from dirtying the sink. This trimmer has nine length settings and comes with a contour following comb.

[$26, Amazon]

[via Valet.]