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Take a Tip From Missed Connections

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Missed connections: the tool for us cowards to talk to the cutie we saw around town but didn’t have the courage to do it at the time. It’s weak and passive, but we do it anyways. And y’know what, sometimes it works out!

But I’d take a cue from this guy who took it to the next level:


Though not quite a missed connections post, a few years ago this guy saw this girl on the train, made this illustration, and started a website called And guess what?! She found the website and they got in contact. Epic win.

It seems like it’s these grand gestures that really get those missed connections noticing.

Enter a different kind of Missed Connections


Artist Sophie Blackall goes through the missed connections posts and creates illustrations of the best ones. If you’re lucky (or maybe if you pester her) she may draw up your missed connection narrative one day, post it on her blog, and maybe that special someone will see your plea in pictorial glory. 

Hey, just like those missed connections posts, here’s to hoping.

[Missed Connections NY]

[via Fred Flare Blog]