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Take a Tip From the Boss: Rock Like Bruce

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Women love rock stars, but if you can’t be a rock star in real life, at least be one in your home.

But actually learning how to play guitar can take so long. Apparently, it’s just as impressive to be good at Rock Band and Guitar Hero (?!).

Either way, there’s just something about pretending to play guitar and drums and singing off key that brings people together. And when you’re rocking out, who better to evoke than the Boss?

You can do so even better now with the beautifully battered Road Worn Fender Telecaster for Rock Band.


With a Bigsby bridge and wireless connectivity, you can jump off your sofa and rock like Bruce every time you play “Born to Run.” Also available in sunburst.


Here’s some eye candy for ya:


[$110, Amazon]

[via The Awesomer]