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Take a Tip From: The Irresistible Mr. Waits

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This past weekend, I went to an awesome little dinner party that rounded up a whole lot of my favorite things: good friends, good food, and really good music. Once we’d feasted and drunk (then drunk some more), we sat around listening to records and chatting the wee hours away. And when Tom Waits’ Closing Time came up on our vinyl queue, we actually listened to it twice.

It’s such a fantastic record, and it reminds me of all things classic 1970s Waits: skinny tie, tipped hat, cigarette always in hand — and this was way before hipsters revived the porkpie. It also reminded me that nothing says edgy-seductive quite like a skinny tie:

If you haven’t invested in one yet, check out Narrow Ties — a comprehensive site for skinny tie fans with hundreds of styles to buy and a selection of how-to videos to learn from. It’s definitely a good place to start getting noticed.

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