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Tanyamia and Her Functional Fashion

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Yesterday afternoon, I paid a visit to the SF ActivSpace, where a good friend of mine runs Chopsooeee Salon. It’s a trip I make every eight weeks or so (a girl’s got to keep her bleach in order, after all), and I have to admit that I love wandering the corridors, peering in at art studios, salons, tattoo parlors, and the other eclectic spaces that make up the complex. It was a beautiful, foggy day in the city, and as I rounded the corner to check out the second floor deck, I ran into Tanyamia — owner of Pirate Salon.

Pirate Salon is a wonderful little space, decorated floor to ceiling with vintage ship and sailor paraphernalia, and perfectly completed by Tanyamia’s fashionably functional aesthetics. She posed for me in her pirate-motif vinyl salon chair, and she had quite the stories to share about her ensemble.

Feet first, Tanyamia’s boots were Doc Martens straight from the Portland shop (one of two Dr. Martens dedicated retail spaces in the country). Next up were her denim leggings, a thrifty pick-up from Target that perfectly paired with her boots. Tanyamia’s top half had the real stories, though: her Cure t-shirt belonged to an ex-boyfriend whose sister had handed it down to him (in other words, the very best kind of keepsake), and the hoodie was borrowed from a regular booty call. The whole look was finished off with Tanyamia’s impressive hair style: as a stylist, she does all her own color, and her black locks looked fantastic with a spray of peacock colors blended into the bangs.

As Tanyamia put it, "Doing hair is getting dirty, so my look is all about comfort and durability." Mix in a little bit of edgy fashion, and you’ve got some serious fun.