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Tattoos Turn Heads to Legs

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It’s fall and it’s about to get a chillier. Ladies, it’s time to bust out the leggings and knee-high socks.

Though more a tool of necessity than attraction, these leg adornments have been known to turn heads. Like when you’re walking down the street and you see someone wearing only a pair of leggings. 

Or if you have cool patterns tattooed onto them.

These flesh-colored knee-high tattoo socks are perfect for autumn. 

With a pattern — whether it be butterflies (above), an octopus, or circles — printed on one of the sock, these knee highs make it seem like like you have a cool, albeit meaningless, tattoo on your leg.

I wouldn’t look at this as a sock made to give off the impression of having a tattoo; that’d just be lame. Look at this more as a functional pair of socks made more interesting by artwork. 

Rest easy knowing that out of all the legs showing this fall, yours will be the most stared at (unless you don’t want creepozoids staring at your legs all the time. . .). 

[$13, Etsy]

[via Rare Bird Finds]