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Tessa on glamorous old women and dressing like a little girl

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Tessa on's style blog tools of attraction

What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning?
The shorts and the top I got yesterday, so I decided to try the new stuff out. Everything is little-girl style. I was trying to go “little kid” today. The shoes are vintage, and the socks are from a kids' department. And the shorts and shirt I got from Goodwill. My bag is vintage also.

What are some trends you're really into these days?
I really like kids' clothes – they’re easily available, cheap, and there are lots of cute items. I don’t really buy clothes from large boutique shops. I like to look in second-hand stores, and I also wear a lot of hand-me-downs from friends. That feels more like my style.

Are there any spots online where you read about fashion?
A couple of blogs. I like Fashion Freax, and I enjoy reading small blogs, just people who blog about their personal fashion. Style Bubble is another a good one.

Are there any trends you really hate?
There are a lot of things I hate! But usually it’s about context: someone carrying the wrong bag with an outfit. I hate people who are unaware of how bad they look. Almost anything can look good on a person, as long it’s worn the right way. There’s not a specific item I dislike.

What would you wear if you wanted to feel sexy?
A cute, short dress that wasn’t overly fitted. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel awesome in just jeans, sneakers, and a crappy T-shirt too. There’s this place right around the corner from me that sells really thin, white cotton T-shirts for eighty-eight cents. I’m a big fan. I have about ten of them. Also, sometimes I make my own jewelry out of old lamps; I think that’s pretty sexy.

What's something you see on a guy that's a turn-on?
I can usually tell when guys have the slightest clue about what they’re wearing, and that’s always attractive. I don’t like anything over-the-top, like shopping at expensive stores. But I like when you know they thought about what their pants look like with their top or shoes. It’s really basic, but I can usually tell.

Do you have a style icon?
I like old ladies. I love walking down the street and seeing an old lady with awesome, personal style who isn’t afraid to mix fabrics or designs or prints. They usually do a lot of color pairing, too. There’s a certain glamour or confidence that goes along with that.