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The Best Kind of Issues

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Yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite Oakland spots: Issues. It’s an awesome little shop with an even awesomer name that basically serves as a super newsstand for my neighborhood. Inside, the square space is packed with shelves of magazines from every corner of the world, from French photo journals to Norwegian skater mags to glossy foodie guides. All that, plus Issues carries a fairly eclectic selection of gifts, cards, and paraphernalia that’s so cute you pretty much can’t not buy it.

And in my ongoing quest to be more observant and organized (qualities that will generally make you more lovable, trust me), I had to snatch up one of these new pocket notebooks from Moleskine.

I’d never seen a full-sized version of the pocket notebook, and I’ve got to admit that I’m a little beside myself with excitement about it. I tend to pick up everything from newspaper clippings to bar napkins — if they catch my eye — and with nowhere but my bag to put them, it’d be an understatement to say things get cluttered.

The purchase led to a truly integral question: can organization be hot? With new Moleskine in hand, I’d say absolutely yes.