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The Dudes of Our Lives

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Sometimes, when it’s a slow weekend and you’ve got a house full of booze and a hankering to watch the best Coen brothers’ movie around… well, then it’s time to have an impromptu Big Lebowski party.

When it comes down to it, a Big Lebowski party is never, ever a bad idea. It 1) makes for a great reason to buy Kahlua without feeling guilty, 2) is a way more stylish excuse for wearing a bathrobe than a Slanket pub crawl, and 3) never fails to bring out the best in everyone you know. Take, for example, Donny and Jesus over there. Dressed to the Lebowski nines, they set the mood and really tied the room together.

Of course, no Lebowski bash is complete without apartment bowling, Viking hats, and In-N-Out burgers — all to be had for fairly cheap (and yes, those burgers are extra-delicious when you’re well into your fourth round of White Russians). When the middle of the night rolls around and it’s time to screen the film itself, you’ve basically got your pick of appropriate drinking games: take a drink every time someone swears, do as the Dude does, finish a drink each time you see George Bush… the list goes on, and the Dude does indeed abide.