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The Great Frame-Up

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On Hollywood’s annual night of fame and glory, I was sipping cheap champagne at a house party in Oakland and placing bets on just how long George Clooney and Alec Baldwin could glare at each other (oh, 30 Rock, we love you passionately) — truly a fame-filled night of its own variety.

The hostess of the night had an adorable place just off of Telegraph Avenue, and I couldn’t help but notice the picture frames that she had lining her hallway. They were equal parts rustic and modern, and irresistibly stylish.

Where had she found such precious picture frames? Atomic Garden on College Avenue — an uber-hip boutique that specializes in sustainable and local artistan goods.

Rumor has it that this little shop is co-owned by Billie Joe’s wife Adrienne, so don’t think incense and hemp when you hear sustainable; Atomic Garden is packed with homages to all things modish. And while it’s not cheap, you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave with something completely unique, utterly stylish, and 100% green.

[Atomic Garden]