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The Neckwear to Get You Noticed

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A nice scarf can be a good indicator of a person’s personality: hipster, prep, square, Harry Potter fan, etc. The same goes for neckties. And with Keffiyehs sorely played out, designer Nicole Deponte has breathed new life into neckwear with her Lilian Asterfield line, which is sure to turn a few heads.

These unisex tie-pieces (can’t exactly call them “ties) are handsewn, “upcycled” from two or three vintage ties. Each piece is one of a kind.


Though it’s meant for both sexes, it definitely looks better on girls.


These tie-pieces are pretty interesting, and artistic enough to get you noticed wherever you go (though a hipster will have a much easier time wearing this with confidence than a prepster).

Either way, they’re a sure-fire conversation starter and an cool accessory to drool over for the artistically inclined.


[$135, Alter]


[$105, Alter]


[$135, Alter]

Or you can pick up all her scarves and other accessories at her Etsy store.