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The Old Pump and Grind

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There’s just something about kitchen gadgets that is inherently sexy. Maybe it’s that automatic wine openers are undeniably reminiscent of my favorite vibe, or that esoteric utensils make me want to exercise my fingers in thrilling new ways, but seriously guys — I can’t go into a Williams-Sonoma without wishing they had a fitting room where I could expend all a little pent-up energy.

Incidentally, this might also explain why the Food Network is my late-night channel of choice.

It would also explain why I absolutely must have this:


On one level, the Pump and Grind Tool does exactly what it says: you pump, it grinds the spice of your choice. On an altogether different level, I’d say it fairly eloquently suggests spicing up much more than your home-cooked meal.

Dinner is most definitely served.

[$20, Target]

[via Grassroots Modern]