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The Perfect Companion to Culinary Hanky Panky

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I’ve had food on the brain lately — more specifically, food being cooked for me on the brain. I count myself incredibly lucky that my man is an amazing chef, and there still isn’t much that I love better than an intimate home-cooked dinner with the two of us… and our appetites. Foreplay has never been so delicious.

A couple days ago we introduced Cook to Bang, the guide to making your culinary exploits an adventure in seduction. Now, allow me to suggest something to go under all of that deliciousness:

The DIY tablecloth is just that — a tablecloth that you decorate yourself. It comes with a set of magic markers and enough blank space to ensure long-lasting fun at the dinner table. And take it from me: fun at the dinner table translates very, very nicely to even more fun elsewhere.

[Monkey Business Design]

[via Swiss-Miss]