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The View From Your Ikea

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Upon entering a date’s house, are you met with the a familiar piece of furniture. Does it happen to be an unassuming plain side table and a 16-square bookcase? And are you largely unimpressed by this piece of furniture?

Of course it is and of course you are — it’s the exact same LACK table and EXPEDIT bookcase from Ikea that everyone has! As clean and minimal as it may be, it’s also kind of boring and uninspiring.

Y’know what is inspring? A view of Santorini Island:


[€19 (approx. $28), Additik

With Additik decals, you can dress up your bland Ikea furniture. 


[€19 (approx. $28), Additik

If you’re trying give off a more amorous atmosphere, go with the red roses pattern on your side table. 


[€8 (approx. $12), Additik]

And with this phone number decal, you leave those one night stands with a last chance to leave their number (in the off choice you didn’t get it when he/she first saw your awesome furniture).


[via Curbly]