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These Glasses Get Him Laid

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A guy I was with once claimed that the only thing that got him past the hump of his awkward teen years were his black-frame glasses.

All of a sudden, women were throwing themselves at him left and right. Heck, I threw myself at him.

He still wears them to this day. And by now, they’re a cliche. But we all know how much I like cliches.

Jesus Christ. Just looking at that photo of Rivers Cuomo above, I get the incredible urge to throw my panties at him.


If you’re in the market for frames, you can get a reasonably-priced pair by opting for Guess brand glasses:


[$144.99, DecorMyEyes]

If you’re a goddamn poseur, you can easily find a prescription-free pair for mere pennies:


[$3.49, SourcingMap]

If she finds out you’re faking it, though, you’re in for some severe ridicule.