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These Sneaks Were Made for Walking

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This past weekend, I felt compelled to wear jeans for the first time all summer, as the weather turned unseasonably chill. Thus marks the beginning of men’s least favorite time of year: the months when women start covering up.

No longer will I will able to bare my back, or show off my shoulders. No longer will I be able to expose my blindingly white legs to the world. (Men might actually be grateful for that last one.) With instant attraction depending heavily on lust and smoldering looks, how are we expected to catch someone else’s eye whilst wearing frumptastic sweaters or nape-hiding turtlenecks?

Why not have fun with our footwear?

I, personally, am a fan of Rocket Dogs, as they’re typically quite colorful, and walking in them feels like walking on air. Pumas and special-edition Keds also seem to get wilder year after year.

Am I the only one checking out people’s shoes as I walk down the street?

[$48.95, Zappos]