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Things Getting Hot? Look Cool While Putting Out the Flames

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While the pie is in the oven, you and your date take some time to get real hot and heavy. A few hours pass and you smell some burning. No, it’s not just your loins, but also the pie you’ve neglected! Your date asks if you smell something burning to which you replies, “Yeah, it’s just me because I’m so hot.”

“No, Idiot! The pie is on fire!”


When things literally get hot and heavy, look perfectly cool while calming the flames with these nicely designed fire extinguishers by Fire Design. Ranging in price from $90 to $190 dollars, these fire extinguishers are about as sexy as one can get, and really the only way to salvage any chance of romance after a disaster like that.

“Hey, nice extinguisher. . .” is what you’ll hopefully hear after the ordeal.

Just remember to turn the oven off this time.

Thanks to Naz for the tip and witticisisms!

[65€ – 135€ (approx. $90 – $190), Fire Design]

[via Apartment Therapy]