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Three Lovely Ladies From Across The Pond

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Three best friends in cold, gloomy England decide to get away from it all. So they hop on a plane and fly across the world to….cold, gloomy New York City. Lucky for us! I came across these these lovely Brits walking around Soho one dismal afternoon last week, and stopped them to chat for a few quick minutes in the blistering cold. They were navigating their way towards the first American Top Shop. To me, that seems to be the fashion equivalent of drinking Starbucks in Italy, but, these are independent, successful, young women "heading to their Mecca." Who am I to judge? They promised me they’d also hit up New York’s classic spots – the Statue of Liberty, the Met, and lots (and lots) of local bars.

First up, on the left, is Charlie. Her Gucci shades, Reiss gloves, and Diesel jacket give her some highly stylized ‘tude. But, what makes her stand out is her Celtic-looking, black and silver pendant, a gift from her late grandmother, which she wears close to her heart almost daily. File that one under "Stuff You Can’t Buy."
Then there’s Anya. This girl rocks her curly hair with a black, peg-textured cardigan from French Connection, which is well complimented by a studded black bag from Top Shop. In colorful contrast she’s got a bright and wild scarf from Urban Outfitters. Add to that some bad-ass Ray Ban sunglasses and she’s a got a "I can hotwire a motorcycle without breaking a nail" look. 

And last, but certainly not least, is Sarah. Picture her standing there just like that. Now, imagine that when I ask her where she got her hat, she replies (in the most adorable accent) "In an old gentlemen’s hat shop, in London." I nearly asked her out for a cup-o-tea! Her outfit included a large tan bag and boots from Top Shop (sense a pattern here?) and a black motorcycle jacket from Ted Baker. Together, they made a lovely trio.