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Tim and His Scruffy Style

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Where are you from?

How would you compare fashion in London to New York?
On the whole, quite similar. I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon for the past year. So, I think coming to New York from there – there are a lot less prevalent hipsters.

Here or in Portland?
In New York, they’re a lot less prevalent. But, we haven’t been to Williamsburg yet, so maybe that’s why.

When you see someone you’re attracted to, what’s a fashion turn-off?
I really hate fake “prescription” glasses. Those really get on my nerves. Or flat peak caps.

What would be a fashion turn-on?
I quite like vertical haircuts. Really radical, and maybe shaved to the side, that kind of thing.

What celebrity do people say you look like?
I don’t agree with this, but people have said I look like Heath Ledger. But that’s just because of my hair, I think.

What trend are you embracing most right now?
Looking like a tramp.

Can you define tramp?
Um, just looking very scruffy because I’m quite poor at the moment.