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To Bare or Not To Bare

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Boobs are a beautiful thing, and it’s a rare day that I wake up in the morning and forget to thank the cleavage gods that I’m fairly well-endowed. But if you ask a girl who’s got ’em what her thoughts are on showing off her most precious asset, you’ll likely find yourself neck-deep in a flaunt or fetter debate. I’m not opposed to the flaunt, but I do believe that subtle enhancement trumps skimpy stage center as a tool of attraction.

Last week, Steph introduced an adorable ruched top guaranteed to perfectly showcase your boobage without overdoing it; I’d also recommend the newly-released Necklush:


While it’s got kind of a silly name (I can’t stop picturing someone saying necklace with their mouth full of pudding), the Necklush is a pretty brilliant merging of a scarf, cowl, and necklace. It’s made of seamless loops that tie in one knot at the back, and it can be fashioned just about any which way.



No matter how you wear it, the Necklush definitely draws attention to the right spot while stylishly hinting at the thrill beneath the frill. And really, any accessory that comes with an instructional video has got to be worth a try.

[$65, Misstified]