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Tool of Seduction: An Ode to My Sliquid

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I know it’s not anything crazy like a Sexercise Ball. Or romantic, like massage candles and wine (especially when enhanced by pheromones). But, goddammit, I love my Sliquid.

Which is why I’d like to thank my bottle of Sliquid for all the times when I was:

  • too tired
  • too stressed
  • too full
  • too self-conscious
  • too down-in-the-dumps
  • too busy
  • too aggravated
  • and too damn dry

to feel turned on enough for sex.

You slipped me over the edge just about every time, and damn was it good.

Even better? Sliquid is glycerine free, which makes it friendlier to both my hoo-ha and my vibrator.

[$14.36, Condomania]