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Tool of Seduction: Eco-Friendly…in Bed

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You’re a locavore, and only buy organic. You buy fair trade coffee and chocolate. You grow heirloom tomatoes in your kitchen. You have that This is Not a Plastic Bag bag. But how devoted are you, really? If you’re going to get a fellow eco-warrior to go home with you, you’ll have to convince them that you can save the planet while simultaneously having safe sex.

Sarah Estrella of Examiner recently tried out French Letter’s line of fair trade condoms. What’s more interesting, however, than how Aphrodisiac stacks up against Stimulating Massage, Linger Lust, or Sheer Caress is that these particular condoms are sourced and monitored by Fair Deal Trading.


[$15, French Letter]

What this means is that they use natural latex harvested under sustainable and Fair Trade conditions. Basically, the rubber producers and tappers being employed in South Asia are guaranteed higher wages and better living and working conditions.

So. You can invite your conquest to sleep with you…and save the world!

You want to save the world, don’t you?

[Via Examiner]