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Tool of Seduction: Leaving Just Enough to the Imagination

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I’ve discovered something (which shouldn’t really come as a shock to any of you): Despite what the teenyboppers are purchasing from Forever 21 these days, sexiness is all about what you don’t show.

For example,¬†though my man admittedly enjoys staring vacantly down my lowest of low-cut tops, it’s only when I’m wearing my highest necklines that he thinks to say, “Your boobs look fantastic in that.”

Agent Provocateur stretches this lesson to the limit with their barely-there Nicola Bra, which leaves nothing to the imagination but the oh-so-coveted nips. (Or, um, half of them.) What better way to fire up the imagination than by merely covering one of the hottest of hot spots when it comes to hot and heavy foreplay?

I sort of want this bra, despite my skepticism over whether or not it would actually provide any support…even temporarily.

[$150, Agent Provocateur]