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Tool of Seduction: Libido Enhancer

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There is a serious problem with our generation. We’re young and virile, yet almost every guy has tried or wanted to try Viagra.

Whether it’s needed or not, every guy wants to feel like Superman in bed. But prescription drugs for people with serious erectile dysfunction is not the answer.

If you feel like you need a little extra blood flow down there, enhance your libido with Black Pearl.


Black Pearl “provides the wood and the fire by acting to increase blood flow.” It’s also an energy drink.

It’s supposedly healthy, but they don’t recommend drinking a whole one if it’s your first time since it may cause nauseousness.

So before you resort to Viagra, give one of these supplements a shot. But remember: the best way to get your mojo up is a good diet full of vitamins and protein and exercise.

[$11 for 4 pack, The Vitamin Shoppe]