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Tool of Seduction: Safe AND Stylish

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A guy with a condom in his wallet can be seen as either prepared or presumptuous.

Unfortunately, even if you admire a guy’s penchant for safe sex, condoms can easily be damaged if they’re carried around in a wallet; the heat, pressure, and rubbing experienced while being toted around in some optimistic guy’s back pocket can damage the latex.

Luckily, Andrew Christian’s Woodstock Boxer has a built-in pocket for condoms.

So not only will your rubber remain intact, but you won’t seem like such an eager beaver for carrying your presumptuousness on your sleeve. After all, if you’re already down to your skivvies, the possibility of sex doesn’t seem so far out.

Not only that, but I’ve always loved a form-fitting boxer brief. And the Woodstock Boxer, like any other boxer brief, nicely puts your package at center stage:


[$34, Andrew Christian]

Notice how the stitching follows his…erm…curves.

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