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Tool of Seduction: This Massage Will Go Straight to His Head

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The first time I tried absinthe was at a play party in NYC. Between the fetishwear, the orgy room, the dark corners, and the absinthe, the sexual tension was thick as anything, and my man and I left the party wishing the night didn’t have to end. Then, Lucid launched their legal version of the beverage, and Nerve had a big party.

But you don’t necessarily need the booze for the debauchery.

Jimmyjane is now offering a special edition Ember massage candle, scented with absinthe and sugar water.

Ah…A deep rubdown, wrapped in the scents of fennel, anise, wormwood, and fig. Considering absinthe’s history of loosening morals (and — as Jimmyjane points out — undergarments), what could be better?

[$60, Jimmyjane]