Greg, 21, waiter

You're from France. What's better about the style in America?
It's better in New York because it's part rock, part country. And people are very open here.

I'm sure they are very open to you. Last week we interviewed women who were all bagging on shorts. What do you think?
I think for the spring and summer, shorts are very cool. I really like them. But there are different kind of shorts. I prefer shorts short. And it's also about the color.

What are some things that are total turn-offs when women wear them? I want to make sure I throw them away immediately.
Maybe sneakers.

You're more into heels?
I like them — for the evenings, they're nice.

Is there something a woman can wear that will make you cross a room to talk to her?
I like very feminine girls. That's why I like heels on women. But also I like French women.

Oh, so you're disappointed by American girls? I'm Canadian, by the way.
I wouldn't say disappointed. I haven't been to Canada, but they seem nice.

What's the one thing you will wear to pick up a girl?
Some jeans, chinos maybe, Some nice shoes and a t-shirt. Soft things.

Sunglasses: Moscot, T-shirt: American Apparel, shorts: Ralph Lauren, shoes: Vans, bag: Ally Capellino, watch: Casio

Commentarium (40 Comments)

Jun 07 11 - 12:34am

Ha, the interviewer just could not wait to hit on Greg! Excellent.

Also -- what's the point of buying APCs and not liking it when they start to fade?

Jun 07 11 - 1:20am

Gentlemen do not show their legs.

Jun 07 11 - 10:24am

Except at the pool and on the tennis court. Are you saying Roger Federer isn't a gentleman? I'm sure Anna Wintour would disagree.

Jun 07 11 - 1:42am

Will is such a phenom douche. Thanks for being the body police. He is basically saying people with fat legs deserve to suffer in the heat.

The rest of them are cuties, though. Everyone SHOULD wear shorts. It's practicaly.

Jun 07 11 - 3:18am

He's hilarious proof that you can spend tons of money on clothes and still look cheap as shit, too!

Jun 07 11 - 3:19am

Also -- telling people to be weather appropriate while wearing a scarf! Hilarious!

Jun 07 11 - 3:55am

Also if being really into designers is your conversation starter, you are too shallow to even drown a fly in.

Jun 07 11 - 8:58am

Also, that bag is fake.

Jun 07 11 - 3:50pm

No, it's real. It's a genuine certified imitation.

Jun 07 11 - 5:25pm

I came down here to say "Will sucks" but everyone else got their first. He totally sucks.

Jun 07 11 - 4:20am

Jordan's shorts are actually pretty nice length and color. If he just got them hemmed, they would be perfect for many guys.

Greg was the best dressed and most attractive out of the bunch.

Jun 07 11 - 4:28pm

My vote goes for Zach #1.

Jun 07 11 - 8:52am

Zach #2 looks like a runaway who's been drafted into gay porn.

Jun 07 11 - 9:00am

The "Don" doesn't wear shorts...

Jun 07 11 - 10:11am

Nice. I love seeing men being sexy, for a change. I do, however, think that these are just good examples of guys wearing shorts. There are bad ones...

Jun 07 11 - 10:26am
Danielle Gibson

We didn't want to assault anyone's eyeballs with the bad examples. Believe me, there were many to choose from.

Jun 07 11 - 10:23am

Nice! Hotties with bodies, what a great way to start my Tuesday morning. I'll take all five, thanks.

Jun 10 11 - 4:59pm

The only hottie I saw was Greg.

Jun 07 11 - 3:49pm

Women who hate shorts sound single to me.

Jun 07 11 - 6:11pm

Tom Ford:
A man should never wear shorts in the city. Flip-flops and shorts in the city are never appropriate. Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.

Just sayin'

Jun 07 11 - 10:12pm

Tom Ford has chicken legs. Coincidence?

Jun 08 11 - 12:38pm

The whole "men shouldn't wear shorts" thing boils down to two ideas:
1) Men's bodies are ugly and should be hidden.
2) A gentleman should be so rich that he never needs to undertake physical labor, and can spend his adult life in cool boardrooms and air-conditioned luxury vehicles.
Not coincidentally, the people who usually express these sentiments are affluent, neurotic parasites who would benefit from 5-10 years in a forced labor camp.

Jun 08 11 - 9:01pm


Jun 08 11 - 2:52pm

I'm a concert producer and I love to see the assholes from Brooklyn come out to a show on Governors Island in 100 degree heat and they were jeans and multiple layers because god forbid someone didn't know they are scenesters.

Jun 08 11 - 3:41pm

I fucking HATE hot weather. If hot weather was a person I'd punch it in the nads. Hard. So I wear shorts whenever it's over 65 or 70, and I really don't give a fuck who thinks what about it.

Jun 08 11 - 9:04pm

This whole idea is so NYC. Thank the frak there's LA. Out here, shorts are standard issue. We seem to have no problem in the hot chick dept in socal and gennamen seem to hook up in flipflops just fine. I'd say we have that fraksta dialed.

Jun 10 11 - 2:52am

Not sure that "men in shorts" is the best tool for attraction --- Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Visit to find out more!

Jun 11 11 - 1:44pm

It is possible for men to look good in shorts. Sadly, only the French guy seems to know how...

Jun 12 11 - 2:19am

the first dude looks like he's happy his HIV test came back negative..usually its not the case

Jun 21 11 - 6:43am


Jun 12 11 - 4:08pm

Will, 25

Seriously? You look like you work for Dr Pink-maybe you are

Jun 12 11 - 7:17pm
West Coaster

Shorts are more standard than not elsewhere. Dudes who wear long pants but then take off their shirts in the heat look really, really stupid. Nerve should focus far more on the silly shoes and socks these interview subjects are wearing or not wearing.

Jun 14 11 - 4:30pm

I dunno about you guys, but I'm sort of diggin' the man shorts.

Jun 21 11 - 6:26am

I never wear shorts on a date - around the house, to the gas station or the grocery store is one thing. But on a date no.

It's not a big deal, because unless you're just really bad women then you won't have to worry about her not calling you back just because you wore shorts. But it doesn't hurt to look more appealing either.

Jun 21 11 - 6:41am

Ok so that guy is wearing basketball shoes sockless, with khaki shorts, a belt, a pink shirt, and a blue jacket - and he's a fashion "expert" - because he says so? Rflmao!

That's the thing about "fashion" - it's almost like being a "professional" psychic. The problem with fashion is there are no "rules", nor is there any way to prove the expert "wrong" - these guys just dress up however they want, claim they're "experts" and therefore must know what they're talking about (even though they're just making it up as they go along), and the ignorant masses buy it.

If there was any talent to being a fashion "expert" or any actual "rules" to what's "correct" fashion and what's not, then in the 21st Century we wouldn't still be debating on whether or not it's "okay" for men to wear shorts - we would have figured out the correct answer years ago.

Here's the ONLY rule of fashion summed up in 1 sentence - Dress however you want, there is no "correct" fashion, but dress appropriately for special occasions (job interviews, dates, etc) and just expect different people to like different things. If you wear cutoffs to a job interview, that will look unprofessional. But if you wear a suit to a date at a casual eatery, that will look stuffy. As far as "how to dress" to impress women, well different women like different things, so there is no "way" to do it - some women like guys who dress up, other women like guys how dress more casual - dress whichever way YOU like and just accept that not all women like the same thing - but way more important than having the right fashion, is wearing clothes and shoes that are clean and having good hygiene - because if you don't keep yourself looking clean, then this gives the woman the idea that you have low personal standards.

And in the long run, if you're good on a date, then the girl won't really care how you dress.

And no I'd rather show up naked to a girl's house on my 1st date than wear what that guy's wearing.

Jul 08 11 - 12:22pm
zach g

I am wearing socks.

Jun 21 11 - 6:47am

If I was looking to score with a Catholic Priest, then I would definitely dress like Fag #2 and Fag #5. Other than that, no.

Jun 21 11 - 6:54am

BTW - why exactly should we take advice from these guys? Who ARE THEY anyway? Fuckit you might as well have just given me an interview, paid me to dress up in a bunch of gay designer clothes, and had me give you guys "fashion advice" - even think I thought "Armani" was a type of sports car!

So this article is saying: men should wear shorts and capris on dates because some 19 year old skinny guy who works at Hollister says so - and he thinks that wearing shorts "gets him laid". Rflmao! Who WRITES this stuff?

Jul 08 11 - 12:21pm
To: Sam K

hide behind the anonymity of your computer screen. coward.

Aug 30 11 - 3:31am

If you want to get read, this is how you shulod write.