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Tools of Attraction: Shoes

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How many pairs of shoes do you own?
[His friend laughs] A lot. A lot! I would say about a hundred pairs.

Awesome. That’s the highest number I’ve gotten all day. What are some of your favorites?
I love my shoes by Christian Louboutin and Opening Ceremony. I have a lot of those. Also, Kris Van Assche. He’s my favorite designer; I love all of his stuff.

What’s the worst kind of shoe you see people wearing?
Hmm, I guess Polo boots. You know those Polo boots with the fur that guys are wearing nowadays? I hate those.

What are the worst for women?
[immediately] UGGs.

Everyone I’ve talked to seems to hate UGGs. What is it that’s so terrible about them?
One, I think they’re ugly. There’s nothing fashionable about them. Two, if it’s not extreme cold or snow or winter weather, then there’s just no reason to be wearing a pair of boots like that.

Jeans: Commune, shoes: Christian Louboutin, sweater: TOPMAN, necklace: Buddhist beads


How many pairs of shoes would you say you own?
[laughs] It’s hard to count! More than fifty, definitely.

New York is such a walking city. Do you like to wear heels when you’re here?
I wear ballet flats and oxfords to walk around. No heels. I save them only for parties and special dinners.

What’s the sexiest shoe for woman and for a man to wear?
For women, I like big wedges. I like both Jeffrey Campbell and Messeca; they’re both good brands. For a man, it’s harder. I think sneakers; yeah, sneakers are sexy on a man.

Shoes: Tod's, coat: ASOS, purse: Rebecca Minkoff


Why are you carrying around a giant bag of shoes?
I work at Fluevog. I sell in their retail store in Nolita.

How many pairs of shoes would you say you own?
Hah, at least forty.

What’s the ugliest pair of shoes for a man?
[immediately] Crocs.

For a woman?
[immediately] UGGs.

What about the sexiest?
For a man, a nice oxford with some good brogueing is pretty nice. For a woman it really depends on the silhouette. I would like a three-inch heel, at least, maybe more. The silhouette could be a traditional pump or a lace-up; it really depends on the shape of the heel and the shape of the shoe itself and obviously the shape of the woman.

Since you’re in the shoe business, can you tell me about some shoe trends for spring?
I’ve been seeing a lot of pastels. One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of cutouts. I feel like a lot of people are doing interesting things with cutouts, also with using cracked leather on the shoe to give it a different personality.

Shoes and belt: Fluevog; pants, jacket, and shoes: Uniqlo


How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I would say about twenty.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?
My Pradas. I have a pair of wedge Prada sandals. They’re my favorite.

You're French. What does a French woman think is the sexiest kind of shoe?
I think I like pumps. Pumps with a big, high heel.

Shoes: Karen Millen, jacket: Burberry, skirt: Basement


How many pairs of shoes would you say you own?
Twenty-ish. I like high-tops, basically. I have high-top boots; I have high-top trainers.

What are the sexiest shoes on woman?
Heels. I love heels, but not too much, not too high. Just a really classic, simple shape with a little bit of detailing on the heels. I like the focus to be on heels, like what was done for Dior and McQueen last season. I’m not too keen on crazy-shaped shoes, nothing too clunky. I prefer just a simple silhouette.

Boots: All Saints; jacket: purchased on website; scarf: Zadig and Voltaire; jeans, sweater, and collared shirt: Dior