Tools of Attraction: Tattoos

Connor, 29, art director

Describe your tattoos for me.
I've got more traditional tattoos. A gypsy girl, and some roosters, some ducks.

Do they mean anything special to you?
Not really, just whatever I like at the time. I've got this rooster because my friend and I got matching tattoos. We live on opposite ends of Australia and when we got together, we decided to get tattoos.

Do you think you get a lot of sexual attention for your tattoos?
I don't know. Maybe. That's the plan. But I don't know how well it works.

How much did the tattoos cost?
About $4,000 total. And I'm going to try to get some over here again.

Do you find you're ever stereotyped for having tattoos?
I don't think so anymore. Everyone's got tattoos these days. Luckily I work in a job where it does really matter so much, so it doesn't affect me work-wise.

Are tattoos a turn-on for you?
Oh yeah, absolutely. I'm worried that it's a bit "now." I've always had girlfriends with tattoos, but in twenty years it might not be as cool. 

Commentarium (43 Comments)

May 11 11 - 1:43am

"I think girls should remain girly?" Really? Is this the third grade, Brandon...?

May 11 11 - 2:02am

I didn't really get it either. And what did he mean by girly tattoos?

May 11 11 - 2:18am

I actually loved that line! I love remaining feminine and not completely conforming to male corporate dress denominations!

May 11 11 - 1:16pm

Do you shave your legs/armpits to "remain girly"? Because shaving for women was invented and sold by the same corporations. There is no such thing as "girliness" or "masculinity" that is not conforming to something.

May 11 11 - 1:59am

I'm just not a fan of tattoos. I just think the majority of them look tacky.

May 11 11 - 2:43am

Dammit, not girly enough for the haidresser man wearing an inside out see through button down shirt!

May 11 11 - 2:34pm

I lol'd.

May 11 11 - 2:52pm


May 11 11 - 3:20am

That shirt.. is really something.

May 11 11 - 3:41am

Obviously it's everyone to their own. I personally really like tattoos, and have a few myself. I always get them in places I can cover up though, I guess it's just more convenient - for example work etc.

I think for some people a tattoo could be a turn off, but at the same time it's not like you can't learn to accept it, and grow to like it.

May 11 11 - 10:25am

Tattoos in-an-of themselves are are fine, but their placement tells you a lot about a person. Tattoos on places that can't be covered (face, neck, hands) all speak to poor judgment and possibly an attention-whorish attitude. I don't think I could ever date someone with such a tattoo.

May 12 11 - 12:49am

wow, your comment could not be farther from the truth. maybe some people get tattoos there for shock value, but a lot of people don't. my boyfriend has a tattoo on his neck and he definitely is not an attention-seeker. your statement comes off as blatantly ignorant.

May 16 11 - 2:40pm

I'm with moops. Normally adjusted people don't get your face, neck and hands tattooed for people to not notice. I guess it could be a self-mutilation thing but that's another matter.

May 18 11 - 12:37pm

I think people get tattoos for themselves, not for other people.

May 11 11 - 10:34am

Question: Why ask a bunch of unattractive people covered in tattoos about attraction?

May 11 11 - 11:34am


May 11 11 - 12:44pm

He's from the south? That explains EVERYTHING.

Also, Chealsea Grin is a horrible band.

May 17 11 - 8:25pm

So, where are you from you opinionated blowhole?

May 11 11 - 1:40pm

funny to see the double standards from these dudes. and yes, i agree that the see-through shirt totally negates any opinions that guy might have on matters of taste.

May 12 11 - 12:50am

I was thinking the same thing! The guy w/the chest piece could never date a girl with a chest piece? really? come on.

May 11 11 - 3:43pm

all you commenters are prudes

May 11 11 - 7:20pm

Tattoos or not, Brandon could definitely use some sleep, and maybe a shave. The guy looks exhausted.

May 11 11 - 8:54pm

Re: Brandon: Style tips from a man with a pinned-open sheer shirt and a black blazer covered in dandruff and hair--his own, his cats and his hairdressing clients' that one grey pube on the top-right part of his lapel. Yuck.

I actually love tattoos...on other people. But you have to commit to maintenance. I totally agree that sleeves are sexy on a man, but only if he's fit and has good muscle definition. On a fatty it's just so off-putting. Dudes: if you do it, make sure you work out 3 or 4 times per week, at least.

May 12 11 - 11:34am

I'm generally a fan of tattoos, but neck tattoos are nearly a deal-breaker. Likewise hand tattoos. Nothing says "I don't plan on doing anything serious with my life" quite like a neck tattoo.

May 12 11 - 12:07pm

AGREED. I have a no neck tattoos rule when it come to guys. Never fails.

May 12 11 - 12:43pm

I have a strict neck tattoos ONLY policy: they're better in bed. Sowwwwy.

May 12 11 - 12:48pm

Happily, I'm at a point in my life where that's not Priority Number One.

May 13 11 - 4:15am

I don't mean to generalize but most people I've ever met with neck tattoos were SUCH misanthropes. can't imagine them being decent in bed; probably too busy smoking and pouting.

May 12 11 - 12:09pm

Wait, is Brandon's shirt mesh see-through? Seriously dude? Don't tell me to get girly tattoos if you're going to wear a goddamn mesh shirt.

May 13 11 - 10:49am

I can't wait to get my thigh piece. I need to become close friends with a tattoo artist so I can get a discount. This shit isn't cheap!

May 14 11 - 12:47am

What, no comments about Delorean's GRANDMOTHER'S lips on his neck? I'm squicked out by that. Eek. Not sexy. Just creepy.

May 17 11 - 9:12pm

I was just gonna say...majorly creepy.

May 14 11 - 7:21am

laying in bed next to a guy with full sleeves, hand, and a neck tattoo at the moment. Not a smoker, pouter, drug dealer or taker and he has a real (and decent) job. He's also fan-fucking -tastic at the whole sex thing. What does that prove? Stereotypes don't mean shit. Never will.

May 14 11 - 11:13pm

glad you posted this. makes me happy that not everyone feels the same about people with neck tattoos = poor job/career etc.

May 17 11 - 2:51pm
your friend

My sister told me to get "R.I.P Bernie Mac" on my neck.

May 15 11 - 8:50pm

yeah tatoos are cool while young BUT when the wrinkles start comming on your body may as well call it a jig saw puzzle :)

May 17 11 - 2:52pm
your friend

I hope I die b4 I get old.

May 16 11 - 4:19pm

I think tats are so low class. That doesn't mean I don't like people with them (my bro has lots) or appreciate what the HECK people are thinking...I do.
Just - UGH .. it's forever, basically.

May 16 11 - 5:49pm
ugh, indeed

I think when people don't open their mind up to other ways of thinking and other ways of life, it's pretty low class too.
Our bodies are our vehicles. There isn't anything wrong with decorating them and I'd rather mine be old, wrinkly, scared and inky, with a story to tell, than to be sitting there with all the other old bats in the nursing home wishing I'd lived my life just a little more.

May 17 11 - 9:11pm

Oh my god, this is bringing out everyone's stereotypes. "I wouldn't marry her?"
I have a chest piece. Well, more like a right boob piece. And several other ones in various places. And I am well-educated, conservative looking, super nerdy, and introverted. I play classical piano for a living for godsakes. Tattoos do NOT equal trashy.

May 30 11 - 11:48pm

Seems like there is a slight backlash to tatoos emerging, at least according to the posts on here. I have had this impression recently as well, I was shocked to find a girl with a tattoo say she didn't like guys with tattoos. Wth?

Jun 12 11 - 4:15pm

wow Brandon looks like his head was photo-shopped onto his neck