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Tools of Seduction: A Stone Cold Massage

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A good massage can take your partner from frigid to fiery in minutes. And though one’s hands are more than adequate, a few tools certainly wouldn’t hurt (or they would, but in that good massage-y way).

To relax to the max, use Jimmyjane’s massaging stones.


Their ceramic stones fit perfectly in your hand and feel even better rolling along someone’s back. The studded one is meant to stimulate whereas the ripple design is to soothe. Either heat or chill the stones to add to the desired effect.

[$25, Jimmyjane]


For the full package, one should: dim the lights, blindfold the recipient of the awesome massage, light the natural massage candle, and use the Contour M massaging stone. Once the Afterglow Pink Lotus candle melts and it becomes a massage oil, pour it onto the massage stone and work it up and down the massage-ee’s body.

[$45, Jimmyjane]

Couple one of the ceramic stones with the Contour M like in the picture above for a massage they’ll never forget.

P.S. The reason for the blindfolding is not creepy whatsoever. Your touch sensation is elevated without sight, making the massage a much more stimulating experience.

[via NOTCOT]