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Tools of Seduction: Be My Baby Bloomers

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Once upon a time, bloomers were the doilies of the underwear world: frumpy, frilly, and definitely not about to inspire any action below the belt. Well, now bloomers are back, and they’ve got a whole new naughty attitude:

Take, for example, the bloomers by Clare Bare pictured above. They’re stitched from vintage tablecloths, and while they hint at the old-fashioned undies of yore, these bloomers are all about the action.

On the fancier end of the price spectrum are these bloomers from Si Belle:


They’re made with 100% iridescent silk and strike a perfect balance of innocently flirty and absolutely seductive.

Ruffled to perfection and cut to enhance all the right stuff, the new bloomer is a must-have for your seduction arsenal.

[$75, Si Belle]

[$16, Etsy]