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Tools of Seduction: Return of the Polaroid

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When Polaroid announced that it would stop producing its iconic instant-satisfaction cameras last year, a little part of me died inside. And not just the part that still flips through my childhood album of instant snapshots; mostly, it was the part of me that first discovered the thrill of exhibitionism ala Polaroid.

There’s nothing quite like documenting an intimate moment with a Polaroid. Chalk it up to the art school student I dated in college, who was equal parts budding photographer and shameless exhibitionist… after a late-night session with the two of us and his vintage Polaroid, I discovered just what it meant to combine the pleasure of watching ourselves with the unforgettable delight of seeing our shenanigans slowly materialize — ghostly and naughty — between those innocent white borders.

While my art school phase certainly passed, my love of the Polaroid as a tool of seduction has always stuck with me. And no matter who I’ve shared it with, it’s always a huge hit. In fact, some of my most breathless and memorable Polaroid sessions happened with the guy who I’m lucky enough to share my bed with on a regular basis.

So imagine my delight when Urban Outfitters announced their mini-revival of the Polaroid:


These special edition “saved Polaroid” kits are set to launch later this month, and — needless to say — I plan on being one of the first in line at the SF store. The kit ($180) will include a Polaroid ONE600 Classic camera plus one package of film, but Urban Outfitters only has 700 to sell. Extra film will also be available for $24 per package, though that too has a limited quantity.

The in-store launches are scheduled for August 21st in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Boston, and London, and whatever’s left will be available online starting August 28th.

Trust me, guys — get your hands on one of these, and you’ll have a piece of priceless photographic history and a perfect way to add some instant excitement to your bedroom arsenal.

[Coming August 21, Urban Outfitters]

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