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Tools of Seduction: Safety First

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It’s a classic date fail moment: you and your new flame are rounding third base and about to seal the deal when (call it nerves or one too many cocktails) you just can’t get the condom on right. No matter which side of the rubber you’re on, the result is an unpleasant lag in momentum at best. At worst… well, I’ve definitely been hit in the face by a rogue condom, and that just ain’t sexy. Do yourself — and your date — a favor and stock up on Sensis.

Sensis condoms come with “Quikstrips” that allow for easy, effortless, and pretty much foolproof application:



Sort of like band-aids for safe sex (except, um, minus the painful tearing-off part), these condoms go on fast so you can get it on faster.

[$13 for 12, Condom USA]