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Tools of Seduction: See-Through Bathtubs

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Are you the voyeur or the exhibitionist?

The Vision bathtub by Gruppo Treesse will be fun for both.

Because. Well. It’s see-through. (For reals.)

The web site lists all sorts of other features, like different water settings, a headrest, and an anti-slip bottom. There are also optional features, such as radio and audio jacks.

But all I can think is: Dude. It’s see-through.

I myself am a bit of an exhibitionist. I get turned on at the possibility that someone might walk in on me doing the deed, whether solo or with someone else, and I’ve inhabited my share of dark corners at various sexy soirees.

My guy? He loves boobs.

So this tub would be perfect for us.

As for the price, there’s none listed, which leads me to assume that the Vision bathtub will remain out of my reach.


[Via Crave]