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Tools of Seduction: What I Learned from Halloween

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Halloween is easily my favorite non-holiday, and last weekend’s festivities had almost enough costumed carousing to last me ’til next year… almost. But as I strutted around in my Theda Bara outfit, it struck me that Halloween’s irresistible sex appeal can be channeled all year long.

What is it about Halloween that makes us feel sexy? The costumes. Something about putting on that mask (or wig, or whatever) takes away all sense of inhibition — to an extreme that alcohol just can’t replicate. And in my post-festivity contentment, I’m going to suggest that channeling Halloween’s seductive powers can be downright literal.

That’s right, just get yourself a mask and you’re good to go. Whether it be the fancy handcrafted variety,


[$175, Kiki de Montparnasse]

or the cheap ‘n’ easy version,


[$11, Amazon]

a mask is a powerful tool of role-playing seduction that everybody should have tucked into their arsenal.

Just think of it as your own personal Vegas slogan.