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Tubbin’ for Two

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What’s got mood lighting and massage functions, can fit into your apartment, and is guaranteed to get you laid? Any guesses?

It’s Spaberry, a portable, plug-in hot tub that’s built for two and can be taken just about anywhere:


And — as if the mood lighting and portability weren’t enough — Spaberry also features drink holders and a built-in waterfall, and it comes in an array of snazzy colors. Sure the price is a little steep, but just think of the pay-off… wake up in the morning, go tubbin’, eat dinner, go tubbin’, have that hot neighbor from upstairs over, go tubbin’. It might just be priceless.

So basically, Spaberry is an adult adventureland of seduction. That can fit in my tiny apartment. Why am I not blogging from one of these right this very moment?

[$5,000, Spaberry]

[via Gizmodo]