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Turn-Off: Please Take Care of That Back Hair

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When it comes to physical appearance, back hair is  the biggest turn-off for most. You can be totally handsome and have a winning personality, but if your date sees a lil’ back hair creeping out from the top of your shirt, you’d better hope that she doesn’t run screaming. 

I’m usually a proponent of staying relatively natural, but even I can’t get behind back hair. Just the thought of having back hair on a hot summer day makes me shudder, imagine what it must be like for someone having to run their hands through that? Disgusting.

Options are limited though. Waxing hurts. Laser hair removal is painful AND expensive. The most affordable (and personal) option is to shave it. But even scratching your back is difficult, so how the heck are you supposed to shave it?

Enter the Mangroomer.



[$40, Amazon]

Extendable to reach every tiny crevice of your back, the Mangroomer is the only tool you need to take care of that unsightly hair in a far less embarrassing manner.