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Turn-On: A Man in Uniform

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Maybe it’s that I’m way too excited to see Inglourious Basterds tonight, or that I’ve always had a serious thing for military-inspired fashion, but I’ve got men in uniforms on the brain lately. Uniforms are a definite turn-on, especially when they’re sported by regular civilians. And if there was ever a uniform for snagging sultry glances (and hey, maybe even a proposition or two), it’s got to be this shirt:


[$74, Solis]

Or this one:


[$74, Solis]

These shirts are made with heavy-duty cotton and include such tasty military-inspired details as metal buttons and sewn-on patches. They also pretty perfectly capture the elusive combination of looking casual and striking at the same time.

So, um, can I call you General Heartthrob? ‘Cause I really, really want to.